HAWMC; Dear 18 Year Old Me ….

by Em on April 10, 2012




Dear 18 year old Emilia,

I’m 29 and I’m writing to your from your FUTURE! And yes, I know you probably have been smoking (ugh), but that’s not the point …. this really IS happening.

I’m going to give you some big style advice first off… but don’t freak out okay?

First of all remember this; You’d worry a whole lot less what other people think of you if you realised how little they did. You also only have control of what you do, never of what other people think. Spend your time doing nice things for people whose opinion matters. Stop obsessing over what people who don’t matter think.

Be nicer to your parents. I know you love your social life, but you need to also be nicer to your parents. They love you un-conditionally, but you shouldn’t make them. Please.

Start considering your future in at least some of your actions. Consider which friends are really there for you now and are likely to be in the future. You already know the answer to this. Working hard at University is not for total losers; don’t assume you can coast by forever. You can’t. I think your hearts in the right place, but your priorities are ALL wrong my friend.

Being 18 is just a moment.



Okay, that was the big style stuff – trippy right? So now I’m going to give you three pieces of advice that you MUST follow. They’re pretty easy and one will make boys like you, one will get you friends and one will make you look more attractive.

The important stuff, right?!

First, a vegetarian diet of processed food does not a healthy diet make. Cheese bagels, Maltesers, crisps and weekend Bacardi Breezers? As a staple diet?! Oh my goodness, get some nourishment woman! Eat some proper protein and fat at every meal; maybe some tofu and a bit of avocado. You could even ditch the vegetarian diet and have one with fresher foods, that included the occasional free range and totally delicious burger. I think that would be super healthy and instead of ‘impressing’ boys by smoking and wearing low cuts tops (cough), you could totally be the girl who makes an awesome burger.

That got your attention, right?!



Second, learn to bake! That way, should your sweet tooth continue – hypothetically –  you can enjoy goods that are a bit more nourishing than Sainsburys soft bake chocolate chip cookies. I think you would feel way better making the occasional proper sweet treat than eating processed chocolate religiously at 11am every day.

You could also bake your best friend something to say you’re sorry after one of your ‘never-making-up’ fights. These gluten free flapjacks are super easy and would be a great one to start with.



Third, eat some vegetables my friend. This is a vanity plea from 29 year old you who already has a few too many wrinkles from all those years of smoking. Your mum is amazing at cooking vegetables and you should try to learn from her. Instead of locking yourself in your room, chain smoking and talking on the phone. I’m being serious.

If hanging out and eating vegetables with mum just feels like TOO much right now, why don’t you at least steam some kale to have with your pasta ready meal? Kale is pretty much the healthiest vegetable out there and I won’t tell any of your friends (why are you so desperate to prove to them that you life off a diet of Pot Noodle and cigarrettes anyhow? It’s weird Emilia!)



Okay, I’ll let you go now Em. Although there is tonnes more I want to say, I’m also prepared to let you go. Your mistakes might cost you- or worse still hurt other people – but I hope they make you a more empathatic adult.

I do however, want you to start eating healthier food.



29 year old Emilia.


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Sally Anne April 11, 2012 at 12:21 am

Awwww! I LOVE this! I think our 18-year-old selves would have totally been friend (however, I would have yanked the cigarette out of your mouth with nothing but LOVE). I really really wish I had known the wonders of PROTEIN when I was younger–I spent so many years eating a vegetarian diet full of sugary-cereal and processed crap thinking that it was better than eating meat–CRAZINESS!

Also, that burger looks pretty insanely delicious!!!


Amanda April 11, 2012 at 1:20 am

Love this post girl. If only we could go back in time, eh?


Lou April 11, 2012 at 3:54 am

Oh man, my 18 year old self and your 18 year old self would have caused some TROUBLE together for sure…. I needed this advice so badly (not that I would have listened.)


Amy April 11, 2012 at 5:26 am

Em, I loved this. I think we all need reminders sometimes of a lot of the big-issue stuff you mentioned in here, no matter what our age. Granted, my 18-year-old self is almost the same as my current-day self so what do I know anyway. ;) But I loved reading the things about appreciating your parents, your true friends, having real values and a strong personal sense. These things, at least for me, always seem to be like a work in progress!


Alice August 3, 2012 at 10:22 am

I’ve only just found this – it’s amaaazing! I hope 18 year old Em would have passed some of this over to me. In fact 30 year old Alice still needs the occasional stern word.

Love you millions! xxxx


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